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Plugin help



lockette is very simple for doors just place a sign above or infront of them and type in the first line [private].
if you want to lock a furnace,chest,craftingsbench just click on it with a sign it will go automaticaly

to add someone to a sign first right click on the one you want to change than type /lockette <line number> <name>

like this


to create a faction just type /f create <name>

you need atleast $100 to create a faction

to join a faction type /f join <name>\

to claim land type /f claim /f autoclaim

claiming will cost money and you need enoufh power to claim land you get power from getting more players to join your faction

to make someone moderator in you faction type /f moderator <name>


to join skyblock type /island

to leave type /skb tower than /island leave

if you just /spawn or something like that you might lose your old items also when you start skyblock all your item you have with you get deleted so be sure to put them in a chest before you start.


to start is very simple just click on one of the signs that say arena like arena1 arena2 arena3

if you died and want to know whats happening ya have to type /sg spectate

to leave type /sg leave


spleef arena is very easy just type /spl join than /spl start 

you need atleast one opponent

the goal of the game is to destroy the blocks under you opponent  so he will fall down


mobarena is very easy just type /ma join (arena or grand_arena those are the 2 now)

than pick a class by clicking on the sign (oddjob doesnt work)

than when all ppl have picked there class click on the iron block and the wave's will come.


dynmap is the easiest of all just click on the links on the website and you will be linked to it (it wont work on internet explorer)

on the right side of your screen will be a tab with the diffrent worlds and world types (if ya wanna see the world flat or 3d or with caves)

also by clicking on the names in the tab your map will be centered on that name

with dynmap you can ofcourse also see who is online

to be hidden from dynmap type /dynmap hide