Golden Guardians
Your favourite  24/7 survival-creative

your personal 24/7 
survival server

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We now also have teamspeak 

teamspeak address:

teamspeak password: goldenhero

Hello and welcome to the server Golden Guardians.

Im happy to hear that you joined our server and hope you will stay with us for a long

time because you getting bored is something that isn't going to happen on our server.

The server is running 2 Survival Games 3 & 5. We also have a spleef arena multiple worlds

and one raidable world a full shop and my favourite Dynmap a live map from all the worlds on the server.

We also have buyable vip ranks that are buyable in game or on this link.

Well hope you will have fun on the server (ofcourse) and always be nice to your fellow guardians.


webshop link click on the picture

WIP upcoming pvp map castle defender

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